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Who are we?

Wirral Wildlife is a group of the Cheshire Wildlife Trust, one of the network of 47 local Wildlife Trusts protecting wildlife across the UK. The Wildlife Trusts partnership is the UK’s leading environmental conservation charity.

What do we do in Wirral?

• We manage nature reserves in Wirral

• We keep records of wildlife in Wirral

• We scrutinise planning applications and submit constructive criticisms

• We run a programme of meetings and guided walks open to the public

• We work with, and support, other interested groups in Wirral including the Local Authorities and statutory bodies

What threatens Wirral’s wildlife?

• Pollution

• New houses and roads

• Commercial developments

• Modern farming techniques

• Pond losses

• Poor management of spaces for wildlife

• Disturbance of wildlife habitats

Because of  these and other threats many local species are declining such as:

Primrose, Yellow Rattle, Belted Beauty Moth, White-Letter Hairstreak Butterfly, Badger, Natterjack Toad, Reed Warbler, Oyster Catcher, Skylark and Lapwing.

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